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Ann Cannon

Tel: +353-1-272-0177
Mobile: 087-4100288
Email: anncannon52@gmail.com
County: Dublin

Year of ordination - 2015 I am prepared to travel all over Ireland and anywhere in the world. I am due to do a wedding in Portugal next year and am happy to travel.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked facilitating diverse groups and individuals. I have come to believe deeply in the interconnection of all, regardless of what we may spiritually believe or not. From my own life experiences, l understand our need to reflect and honour the different milestones we have in life. They may include the joy of marriage, the birth of a baby, or the sadness of losing someone close.

Whether it is a long or short life, we need to be able to honour it in the way that is right for us. If you would like to reflect on your own life in a safe non-judgmental way, maybe it is time to consider giving yourself the gift of Spiritual Counselling. If you would like to discuss any of the above, please do call. I would be delighted to talk to you without any obligations.

When someone sits with me and trusts me with something that is so important in their life journey and that I can actually sit with people and be part of their experience, that we are able to connect at a much deeper level than normally and they trust me with the stories of their lives. This excites me.

I was approached by a mother in the month of May a year or so ago for an alternative first communion for a child. It was so lovely that this child felt able to do this and to invite her friends and family to her ceremony. Afterwards a man and his daughter who had attended, came up to me. He said he had never been to a gathering like this before and wanted to thank you for making me welcome. He said 'I am Muslim'. This is what we as Interfaith ministers are about.

One of the things I would have felt at the time I started ministry and again have always believed is that the people that come to you are the ones that chose you. I made a decision that I wasn't putting anything up on social media and I've had positive feedback from taking this position from people. I may put testimonials up in the future but for now I respect the privacy of my clients.

Services Offered

Alternatives to communion and confirmation or coming of age  
Baby Blessings  
Baby Namings  
Blessings for expectant mums  
Ceremonies for babies who were born sleeping and received their wings  
Celtic Ceremonies  
Chaplaincy Services  
Customised Ceremonies  
Divorce, Separation & Relinquishment Ceremonies  
Grief Counselling  
Legal Weddings  
Memorial Ceremonies  
Standard and Original Co-created ceremonies of your choice  
Unity Candle  
Vow Renewals  
Wedding blessings