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Caroline Lennon

Tel: 087 9931201
Email: ceremonialservicesireland@gmail.com
Website: www.ceremonialservices.ie
Area: Leinster

I offer spiritual counselling and bespoke ceremonies. I have a significant interest in developing cultures of person-centredness and in creating optimal conditions for people engagement. I believe in every individual’s uniqueness and bring this philosophy to life in my work as a Minister, Celebrant and Healthcare Professional.

I love life. I believe with every fibre of my being that there is no such thing in life as a "hopeless case". I have a great desire to use my experience of triumph over adversity to help other people to navigate their way through life. I have qualifications in social studies, psychotherapy, addiction counselling, skills training in risk management, self-harming behaviours and suicide prevention. I also have qualifications in leadership and quality in healthcare and in healthcare management.


Please see https://www.ceremonialservices.ie

Services Offered

Bespoke ceremonies created for all occasions.