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Pearl Kilkenny

Name: Rev Pearl Kilkenny Fleming MIAHIP ICP EAP
Phone: 087-23094660
Email: pearlkilkenny@gmail.com
County: Dublin

Sacred Unique Ceremonies

My passion and deep commitment is to offer and create ceremonies tailored to express the essences of individuals who request them.

In these changing times, I can offer a bridge between church and state and create a ceremony that is sacred and unique. Just as we are all individual with our own understanding of a higher being (or not) so too can I create a ceremony that will reflect that individuality.

Since childhood, I have had a fascination for ritual and ceremony and how they help us mark and make sacred those important life stages and special occasions in our lives, honouring each stage and acknowledging its significance.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

Spiritual Counselling

Modern society, with all its blessings has also had the effect of taking us away from the ground of our being and left us un-anchored to our source, god, universal energy etc. We are born with an innate need to connect, to be in relationship and that first relationship is with ourselves and the divine within us. It is my deep privilege to sit with someone while they search their own inner world to rediscover the divine part of themselves.

Available for: Baby blessings, Ceremonies and Rituals to Celebrate the Celtic Wheel of the Year, Community Spiritual Ceremonies, Funerals, Legal Weddings, Rights of Passage, Spirit Counselling, Weddings.

I am prepared to travel anywhere within reason and am open to discussion.