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Yvonne Traynor

Phone: 087 2253635
Email: mothertraynor@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yvonnetraynor28/
County: Dublin 12

My name is Yvonne Traynor and I was ordained and graduated as an Interfaith minister in 2017. Being Irish and being brought up in a mainly Catholic Ireland, religions of all different types fascinated me. My Mum was Quaker and my Dad was Church of Ireland but his mother had been Roman Catholic before she married him. Then my husband was Roman Catholic and when we got married in the late seventies it was difficult enough with the different churches.

Consequently when I was presented with an opportunity to study Interfaith Ministry and to go on to become an Interfaith Minister it came naturally to me. I love the ideal of serving all creeds and none and in my line of work no ask is too big or too small. I enjoy helping couples create their ceremonies for their big day.

Each ceremony is unique to them. I also feel very honoured when I get asked to perform funerals. Its indeed very special to be the conduit to help guide the deceased's transitioning from this world to the next. I also enjoy doing vow renewals very much and baby namings are really important to me. New life is very very special.

Any other type of blessings are also part of my remit ie house blessings, pre birth blessings. In fact there's a blessing for everything!

I also enjoy all other types of pastoral care and feel very grateful that I am able to do this type of work which I love countrywide and abroad.

Services Offered

Baby Blessings
Baby Namings
Celtic Ceremonies
Chaplaincy Services
Customised Ceremonies
Divorce, Separation & Relinquishment Ceremonies
Grief Counselling y and spiritual counselling/accompaniment
Legal Weddings
Memorial Ceremonies
Standard and Original Co-created ceremonies of your choice
Unity Candle
Vow Renewals
Wedding blessings
House Blessings
Pastoral care