OSIF Ireland


OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation Code of Ethics

To promote integrity in our training and practice, the ministers of One Spirit Interfaith Ministers of Ireland Association commit ourselves to the following precepts:

Remembering our unity, honoring our uniqueness

We aim to keep our hearts and minds open to everyone, celebrating differences but not separation. We refuse to marginalize people on the basis of age, disability, state of health, race, gender, nationality, religion, sexuality, economic status, or any other distinction.

Walking our talk

We understand the importance of practicing what we preach, and agree to uphold the ethical and practical principles of the spiritual path we follow. We recognize that all paths emphasize the importance of honesty, respecting self and others, non-stealing and non-harming.

Celebrating honesty

Knowing that truthfulness brings freedom, we aim to cultivate conscious and clear communication. We aim to speak and listen as truly as we can, being mindful that our words are kind, true, and useful.

Protecting clarity

Since we value purity of awareness, we support each other in exercising maturity over the ingestion of intoxicants or mind-altering substances.

Honoring physical boundaries

In order to create a safe space for the opening of our hearts and minds, we aim to be sensitive and respectful in expressing physical affection. Mindful of the power of our position as a minister, teacher or counselor, may bring, we undertake to refuse absolutely sexual relationships with our clients, students or those we minister.

Representing ourselves accurately

Since we strive for integrity, we understand the importance of not misleading others about the services we can offer, and not exaggerating our professional achievements. Further, we commit ourselves to open and just dealings in all of our financial transactions.

Maintaining confidentiality

We honor the sacred trust between a spiritual counselor and a client, and between a minister and the community served, and promise to hold any personal information in the strictest confidence within the law. The same applies to our group settings so that a safe space is created for heartfelt sharing.

Valuing support and supervision

We acknowledge the need for supervision and guidance beyond our years of study at the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary. We commit to regular supervision of our spiritual counseling and ministry work.

Committed to continued awakening

We understand that our spiritual unfolding is an ongoing process, and dedicate ourselves to continually deepening our personal spiritual practice, that our service may be grounded in an authentic and evolving spiritual life.

Safeguarding the whole

We commit, where necessary, to lovingly call to attention, either one-to-one or through our peer group, any issue that may place another in danger or compromise the good reputation of interfaith ministers however difficult this may seem.