OSIF Ireland


Wedding Ceremonies

“I once had a thousand desires, but in my one desire to know you all else melted away” - Rumi

Firstly, Congratulations to you both!

We firmly believe that your ceremony should represent who you both are, combining your beliefs to create a beautiful and meaningful wedding that is legally recognized by the HSE. We work closely with you in the crafting of your ceremony, to ensure that your service meets your wishes, and is an expression of exactly what you desire.

Your wedding will be completely legal and there are a few necessary bits we must put in to satisfy the legal requirements but we won't make you join us or you won't have to pay an ongoing subscription to us. The rest of the ceremony can be tailor made to incorporate your own beliefs and what matters to you.

All of our ministers offer different styles and rituals for you to incorporate such as; A handfasting, a candle ceremony, or a sand ceremony, ring warming and many more. Your ceremony can include the music you both love, poetry readings, and rituals. Our trained and accredited Ministers will take you through each step of the process, we will meet with you in person, over the phone or online.

Remember that you must give 3 months notice to the Civil Registration Service and there can be waiting times to get an appointment. For more information on the legalities of a wedding check out the information on the Department of Social Protection website here.

You will also need 2 witnesses over 18 years of age and of course a registered solemniser and you can check out our Ministers Here.