OSIF Ireland


Who We Are & What We Offer

One Spirit Interfaith ministry was first founded back in 1981 in New York and has been established in Ireland since 2008. In Ireland we have over 100 ministers in all counties North and South and we have formed to be One Spirit Interfaith Ministers of Ireland Association. We are affiliated to One Spirit Interfaith Foundation in the UK and all of our Ministers have been trained by the foundation. You can get more information on One Spirit Interfaith Foundation here

We are a diverse bunch and each Minister brings their own style, love and energy to their Ministry. We serve in many different ways and this website sets out the varied forms of services that we provide.

We come from different faith backgrounds and have an amazing variety of work and life experience, As celebrants, we received training in major world faith paths and alternatives, and we are happy to work with you should you wish to incorporate any particular elements into your ceremony. If you would like to learn more about the training that One Spirit Interfaith Foundation provides just click here.

We take a vow of inclusivity at ordination and welcome diversity. We offer many services, which include: creating a sacred ceremony, whether it’s welcoming a new life into the world, a marriage or commitment ceremony, a celebration of life ceremony.

Ceremonies and rituals have always played a very important part in human development throughout history. Whatever your beliefs may be, we feel that pivotal life events can be honored in so many ways now as we evolve from traditional church-based practices to more personal, joyful, and individual ways of marking these special times.


Check out our Ministers here.


We have Ministers located right throughout Ireland and our Affiliate organisation One Spirit Interfaith Foundation has Ministers located throughout the UK. See link here.


Further some of our Ministers are willing to travel internationally and you can check them out here.