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What is Interfaith?

What is Interfaith?

First of all, InterFaith is not a new religion or even an old one. In fact, it’s not a religion at all. OneSpirit InterFaith started in the 1970’s in the US as a bridge between different religious traditions, but over time it has grown to cater for people of all faiths and none.

Occupying the spiritual field in between the different religious traditions, touching all but adhering to none, we are a group of ordained ministers, based all throughout Ireland with a desire to serve our communities and individual people. We are trained to provide a wide range of ceremonies, including legal marriages. This means that in our work we are not focussed on any one tradition, religious or not, but on the beliefs and values of individuals. We can take the best from everything and everyone. We see you as you are.

What if you are not religious?

We cater for people of all faiths and none. We believe that people may not be religious but they do have core values and secular beliefs that are the foundation stones for living life. This brings depth to personality and relationships.


"Interfaith is not a religion. It walks among the religions. Interfaith begins when we create a bridge between one set of beliefs and traditions and another...An Interfaith Minister ideally is one who turns towards all, regardless of their beliefs or practices, with an open heart and mind, offering them a mirror to their own wholeness and their own divinity."

-Rev Susanna Stefanachi Macomb